If You Need a Blessing

angel-218202_1280I am not much of a writer, but I feel like the Lord inspired me to share this.

In my life I have observed something many times that I really never understood.

It seems like many times when I am at my lowest someone comes across my path that needs help with a problem. Sometimes it is somebody I know, other times a complete stranger.  My reaction is always the same.  Man I am not in the mood to deal with this. I am stressed out at work, family members are driving me nuts, I feel like I’m the ugliest I’ve ever been in my life (LoL) and on and on.

When you seem so weighed down with your own problems the last thing on your mind is helping someone else with theirs.  I believe that God gave me the answer for this.  You see there are laws that God has put in place that govern his creation. One of those is the law of sowing and reaping.

You can learn about the Father from observing his creation at work. When you want a flower, you plant a flower. When you want corn, cotton, a tree, whatever, you sow it first. The reason God sends people to you when you are down is to give you an opportunity to help them.  Not just for them but for you.  It gives you an opportunity to sow what you need in someone else’s life to help you.

If you are in need of a smile, then give a smile to someone else.  If you need someone to listen to your problems, then listen to someone else’s.  If you need forgiveness then be willing to give it first. When you plant these things they will come back to you.  They have to; Jesus said it works like that.

Last year was a real challenge for me and this one has been tough so far.  But today God put this on my heart so I opened a door for a lady struggling with her new born baby.  I fed a friend of mine who was hungry and had no money. I smiled at a cashier at a restaurant and left an extra tip for the waitress. So now doors will be opened for me, I will not go hungry, people will smile at me and God will see to it that someone better off than me will bless me financially.

Just remember this, if you need a blessing then be a blessing.  So as hard as it is sometimes, don’t let an opportunity pass you by to help someone.  Especially when you least feel like it.

– Rick Cullom –

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  1. So happy to say that my aunt has successfully beat stage 4 throat cancer that had spread to her lymph nodes!!!!! So proud of her!!! :)

  2. Kathy Williams says:

    Rick, I just can’t stop reading your stories. When I listen to you talk I know by faith that God put you in front of me for me to listen. I pray that it can be of some comfort to you to have someone to listen to you. I feel it to be a blessing to me. I will always be the same. I am praying for you Rick for God to heal you. THANK you. Friend forever, Kathy

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