I Prayed,Nothing Happened

bigstock-Prayer-50579102This story will take a little while to tell but I know it will be a blessing for those who read it.

Before I became a supervisor at the manufacturing plant I currently work at, I was a machine operator.  We run 24/7 and I reported to work on graveyard shift (10:35PM-6:35AM) one evening. When I relieved the operator in front of me he said “Man I can’t do anything with this machine, it has been kicking my behind all night.”

We were running quite a bit of defective product and it was clear that I was in for a long night. I began working on the machine and took a beating all night long.  These machines are very large and we work in an extremely hot, oily environment.  I have lost as much as 15 pounds sweating in one 8 hour shift.

Nothing I tried seemed to work and as I tried to think through what my next move would be it hit me…….Pray over your machine!  Of course, I am a child of God. He wants me to be successful.  He knows what’s wrong with this machine.  So I walked up to my machine, held my hands up high and began to pray over it.

Well, things did not get any better.  In fact it seemed as though they had gotten worse as the night went on and as the next operator relieved me to go home I walked out of the plant defeated and frustrated.

I thought to myself, what is the use of me even praying?  Nothing ever seems to happen.  Jesus said that those who came after him will do what he did and even greater things.  If that is true then why can’t I pray over sick people and they get well?  Every time Jesus spoke it, it happened. Shouldn’t the same thing go for me? I have the same Holy Spirit living within me.  I am God’s child too.

What am I missing here!!!!!!!

I went to sleep and returned back to work the next night hoping that someone was able to get that machine straightened out by the time I returned. Well guess what?  No such luck.  It was still running bad.  I relieved my operator and tried to mentally prepare myself for another long night.

As I walked up to the machine the Lord spoke to me. He said stop what you are doing and go look up Mark 11 verse 12 in your Bible. I want to show you something.  This was the story about Jesus and the fig tree.  As he and his disciples were heading to the temple in Jerusalem they passed a fig tree that had no figs.  The disciples heard Jesus say to the fig tree “May no one ever eat fruit from you again.”  They did not see anything unusual happen and continued walking.  Further down in Mark 11 verse 20 they returned down that same path the next day and Peter noticed the fig tree.  He said “Rabbi, look! The fig tree you cursed has withered.”

Jesus answered “Have faith in God.” “I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain go throw yourself into the sea and does not doubt in his heart but believes what he says will happen, it will be done for him.”  “Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have already received it and it will be yours.  And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them so that your Father in Heaven may forgive you.”

Now the second part of this is a lesson in itself and I won’t talk about it much, but seems like harboring bitterness in your heart towards someone blocks prayers from being answered.  Something to think about.

Anyway, as I walked back up to my machine God spoke these words to me.  “My Son, when you prayed last night I heard you and it was done for you when you asked for it.  I just wanted to show you that answer to prayers aren’t always seen immediately.  Just like when Jesus spoke to the fig tree it was done, but did not show up until the next day.  Your machine is fixed as you requested.”

As I walked back up to the machine and reviewed the product it was defect free.  I did not work on anything; it just started running correctly and did so for the remainder of the shift.  Sounds weird but that’s how it happened.

Hold onto your faith.  Believe what you pray for and don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results right away.  Whether it is for healing, financial help or that special someone to share your life with the answers will come. Maybe even the very next day.

– Rick Cullom –

2 responses to “I Prayed,Nothing Happened”

  1. Leah Gaensehals says:

    I just finished reading everyone of your inspirational stories and they were such a blessing and help to me today. Like I said I’ve been really struggling and stuck in a great big pot of pity and your words and scripture of hope was just what God wanted me to see and start applying to my life. Thank you for sharing your words of strength, love and encouragement with us and may Gods blessings surround you today.

  2. Kathy Williams says:

    Rick, Sometimes I wonder if God hears my prayers. After reading “I prayed Nothing Happened” I realize that I need to be patience for God hears all of our prayers and when God wants to answer me my heart will be open to receive it. THANK you Rick for sharing during this time in your life. I will always have a prayer in my heart for you because I have a big heart. Lol Friends forever, Kathy

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