A Grain of Sand

One summer day a friend of mine invited me to go to the beach to play volleyball and soak up some sun.

sandIt was a beautiful day and I was glad to get away from work and relax a bit. After a few hours of swimming, eating and volleyball we decided to lay out and rest.
I can’t speak for everyone else’s experience with the Lord but with me it seems like the Holy Spirit is constantly showing me lessons in everyday life. I will be going along minding my own business and then all of the sudden the Lord will speak to me and say “Let me show you something.”  Then he will proceed to teach me something or draw my attention to something he wants me to learn about.

That was the case on this lazy summer afternoon.  As I was lying on my towel the Lord spoke to me and said “Look at your left arm.”  I looked down and did not see anything that I thought was significant.  I said “What am I looking for Lord?”   He replied “Do you see that grain of sand on your arm?” I looked again and I saw this one little grain of sand that was stuck to my forearm. I said yes Lord I see it. He said “My Son that grain of sand represents your entire existence on this earth.” “Now look at all of the other grains of sand on the beach.”  There were billions upon billions.  He said “Those other grains represent all of eternity at the end of this life.”  You see we are so caught up in the worries and issues of this life that we often miss the significance of what is waiting for us in the future. We are so concerned with our life on this earth that we forget, or worse sacrifice all that the Lord has prepared for his children.

It is certainly understandable. I will be the first to admit that my mind cannot possibly comprehend all that Jesus has waiting to share with his children. We are after all human and have very limited knowledge. But when things are going wrong and all seems lost just remember. It’s only one grain of sand. Your life here is but a blink of an eye. Just make sure your heart is open to the Lord and Jesus is who you believe in for your salvation. The rest will take care of itself and there will be billions and billions of amazing grains of sand waiting on your arrival.
Praise be to the Lord for his never ending love. For giving us hope for a brighter future in this world and for all eternity.

– Rick Cullom –

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  1. Kathy Williams says:

    Rick, It is so true a grain of sand. Thru my eyes, a blink and I am asking myself how did life go by so fast. I want to appreciate my blessings and live by faith like you are. I believe by faith that God and only God is going to heal you of your pain and restore your health. God is not done with you yet. There is a purpose on earth that you are going to be an example for many people to learn more about God and I am just one grain of sand. THANK you God and THANK you Rick. Friend forever, Kathy

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