I Just Don’t Understand

April 21st

        In the month of July 2012 I discovered that I had stage 4 cancer in my neck and throat.  What followed was the toughest battle both physically and   spiritually that I had ever faced. During that time one phrase that I heard quite frequently was why is God allowing this to […]


A Grain of Sand

March 21st

One summer day a friend of mine invited me to go to the beach to play volleyball and soak up some sun. It was a beautiful day and I was glad to get away from work and relax a bit. After a few hours of swimming, eating and volleyball we decided to lay out and […]


What Am I Chasing After

April 21st

Where do you spend your time? What is priceless to you? For me it was mostly about myself. Came from a broken home where I had look after myself quite a bit so at an early age I learned to be self-centered. If I didn’t look out for me who else would? Did not realize […]


If You Need a Blessing

May 24th

I am not much of a writer, but I feel like the Lord inspired me to share this. In my life I have observed something many times that I really never understood. It seems like many times when I am at my lowest someone comes across my path that needs help with a problem. Sometimes […]


I Prayed,Nothing Happened

January 1st

This story will take a little while to tell but I know it will be a blessing for those who read it. Before I became a supervisor at the manufacturing plant I currently work at, I was a machine operator.  We run 24/7 and I reported to work on graveyard shift (10:35PM-6:35AM) one evening. When […]

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